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Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

John Summerfield wrote:
> David Boles wrote:
>> Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> David Boles wrote:
>> Ah. So you think that Network Manager is the problem? If I understand it
>> correctly they, Fedora developers, are working on a replacement for
>> Network Manager.
> Network manager is the _new_ way. As Timothy says, its implementation
> seems sadly awry.
> It should be good, if done properly, for laptop users in particular.
> People with their computers tied to their desk don't need to change
> their network settings very often, but people with laptops may need to
> connect to several different networks (or access points) in a day.
> Futzing around with the old network configuration tools isn't an option,
> particularly (unless I misremember) the text-mode one doesn't do
> wireless at all
> For people who only ever use a gui, who only want wireless when they're
> logged in, and who only want wireless or wire working at any moment, nm
> is close to doing a good job.
> Outside that set of people, it seems pretty hopeless.
> Since I'm outside that set of people, I'm concerned for me personally.

You would/should know more about this than I would but I am reasonably
sure that NW has been discussed and that they are working on it or a
replacement for it. I could be wrong. Probably am. I do recall reading
that whatever KDE tries to do is supposed to be really poor. Or was.

As I said before now. This is something that did not affect me so I read
it but it did not make a lot of sense.



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