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Re: automagic rpm changes in grub.conf

Mikkel L. Ellertson schrieb:
Christoph Höger wrote:
John Summerfield schrieb:
Christoph Höger wrote:

I subscribed to this mailinglist yesterday (found nothing in the latest
archives and google) so all I got so far was your advice and mikkel
asking for my grub.conf. I would appreciate if you have any other hints
I thought you said you found the problem. Now I'm confused.
Well, I hope, I found it. I have to wait for a new kernel to test ;).
If it was the kernel-xen line it's worth a bug report.
If not, I have an other problem.
What you will find is that once you say you think you have found the
problem, or someone else on the list give what is probably the
answer, that you will not get many more response until you post the
results of your test. A big part of this is that we don't want to
overload you with different things to try, as well as avoiding
giving the same advice 20 times.

There are a couple of other factors involved. It may be some time
between your posting, and your message getting read. This is
especially true on weekends and in cases like this, were there has
just been a new version released. The people on this list are not
payed to be here, and for the most part, are here in their spare
time. In this case, between the time I asked for your grub.conf, and
the time I read your post, John had given you a good answer to your
problem, so there was not need to respond. This is fairly normal on
the list. A lot of troubleshooting ends up being a team effort.
Sometimes the questions asked when trying to solve a problem lead to
the discovery that the problem was not what the original poster (OP)
thought it was.

Sometimes answers posted to a problem are widely off the mark - you
have to learn who is worth listening to. You will sometimes get
sarcastic answers to your questions. Personally, I think answers
that teach you how to find the answers to your problem, or teach you
something, instead of just giving you the answer are the best answers.

Another thing to watch out for is that because Fedora is not
targeted at new Linux users, there is a certain level of
competence/knowledge that is assumed. So if you get an answer that
you do not understand, or contains terms or commands you do not
understand, be sure you ask about them. Do not assume because you
understand part of the answer, that terms you do not understand are
not important.

I normally would not be so long-winded, but your post indicated to
me that you do not understand how this list works. If I am wrong, I
apologize for going over things you already know. In that case, I
can only hope that this helps others that are new to the list.


Hi Mikkel,

well I think I can call myself an experienced linux user ;).
I was simply stuck on how rpm handles grub.conf.
All I wanted to say with: "I subscribed yesterday" was that I had not heard anything about such things yet, after John mentioned "what others said" (needless to say I'm trying not to spam this list with obvious stuff and would have tried all possible solutions if I had found anything).

Nevertheless thank you for your indeed long comment and back to topic:
Right now yum seems still to be screwed up, so I have to wait to test the new kernel until tomorrow. But if really the kernel-xen line is the origin, I will blame the kernel-packager for not removing it, when the last xen kernel has been ;).



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