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Re: F8 says my video controller sucks.

Ric Moore wrote:
On Fri, 2007-11-09 at 15:45 +0900, John Summerfield wrote:
Jimmy Bradley wrote:
    Unable to start Xserver, Unable to configure video.
Sorry, but I don't have hours to spend on a search and find mission, so
I think I'll just go with what I know will work and move on to that


John, that's not nice. The poor devil probably doesn't have the
experience to just text install as a proper fall-back. For novices it
might be a scary thing. Panic sets in where there should be none.
Sometimes a little empathy goes a long ways, especially coming from a
professional such as yourself. I'm sure you know that, I'm just
reminding you that it appears to be on the unnecessarily rude side. Ric

Also the text installer is not up to par when I last tried a text install. Passing xserver=vesa or some additional parameter to boot with a specific driver is probably best. Though starting with a prompt to do this is not as obvious as it was before the menu selections were added to the menu which to me add additional confusion. adding linux xserver=vesa with the command line apparent as in the past was easier and less confusing in my view.


The angry man always thinks he can do more than he can.
		-- Albertano of Brescia

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