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Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Jonathan Underwood wrote:

This is actually irrelevant to what I said,
which was that NM should concentrate on WiFi,
where there are lots of problems,
and not get mixed up with other forms of communication
such as ethernet or bluetooth,
which are basically orthogonal to WiFi.

I'm not familiar with bluetooth, but wireless and wired networks aren't very different. So far as configuring them is concerned, the wireless needs a little more information, so it can find the other wireless link. Once that's done, in each case there's a network to connect to, and the same configuration tools do it.

And for mobile users in particular, both can come and go. One of the annoyances with wired networks on laptops, before nm, has been the need to "ifdown ..,; ifup ...."



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