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Re: Concerning wireless light on my laptop

Am Montag, den 12.11.2007, 16:14 +1030 schrieb Tim:
> On Sun, 2007-11-11 at 15:35 -0600, Aaron Konstam wrote:
> > Someone said recently that the wireless indicator light does not gone
> > on when they connect. Well neither does mine in F7.
> With the current kernel, my wireless lights stay lit all the time,
> regardless of anything that I could do.  With the prior kernel they
> stayed off, regardless.
> > However, this machine double boots to Win XP and in that operating
> > system the wireless indicator light works. 
> Likewise...  The original Windows installation uses them as hardware
> status indicators:
>   Off - wireless disabled
>   On - wireless enabled
> But mine doesn't actually use them for activity status.  They don't
> change when using wireless (i.e. there's no blinking during reception
> not transmission), and they don't change for network availability (it's
> lit if you've enabled your wireless hardware, whether or not their is
> another wireless device to connect to).
> -- 
> (This box runs FC5, my others run FC4 & FC6, in case that's
>  important to the thread.)
> Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
> I read messages from the public lists.


what hardware (and what driver) do you use? I saw this with iwl3945.
That is not very surprising as iwl3945 is still beta software.



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