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RE: libldap.so.2 for FC6

Yum finally has come back (after over 15 minutes) with "No Matches found"...

Anybody know an answer?



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> Subject: libldap.so.2 for FC6
> Hello,
> I am trying to find the RPM that contains libldap.so.2
> For some reason "yum whatprovides libldap.so.2" is stuck at 
> "Importing additional filelist information" and is not coming back (no
> idea why). All other inquiries work fine in yum (install, 
> list, info, whatprovides on other files than this one), so it is not a
> network/firewall/etc problem.
> Does anybody know where to find this file, or is anybody able 
> to get a response out of yum for the above query? I tried google as
> well, but no answer there either...
> Thanks,
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