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Re: libldap.so.2 for FC6

Mark wrote:

I am trying to find the RPM that contains libldap.so.2

For some reason "yum whatprovides libldap.so.2" is stuck at "Importing additional filelist information" and is not coming back (no
idea why). All other inquiries work fine in yum (install, list, info, whatprovides on other files than this one), so it is not a
network/firewall/etc problem.

Does anybody know where to find this file, or is anybody able to get a response out of yum for the above query? I tried google as
well, but no answer there either...


libldap.so.2 is included into the 'openldap' package. The latest version built and available for FC6 is: openldap-2.3.30-2.fc6

Best Regards,

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