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Re: f8: NetworkManager + runlevel 3 problem

Tim wrote:
No bloody attribution provided:
I wish NM would stick to WiFi, where it could conceivably
serve as a replacement for wireless-tools.

One of the jobs it manages, for some users, is when they go from a wired
network to a wireless one.  Doing that automatically, and painlessly, is
needed for some people.  If it *only* dealt with wireless they'd need
yet another tool to manage this for them.

Timothy Murphy:
But I have absolutely no problem going from ethernet to WiFi, or vice
They use different interfaces, with different MACs,
and do not appear to me to intersect in any way at all.

That's just *YOUR* usage experience.  Likewise for other problems you've

So what if it is?

If it doesn't work for pretty much every case, someone will have a justifiable view that wireless in Fedora sucks.

In my view, if a WiFi device works with NM
then it should work with system-config-network, and vice versa.
If it doesn't then there is a fault with one or the other service,
not with the WiFi device.

system-config-network -> network CONFIGURATION
network-manager -> picking the interface to USE
That's two VERY different tasks.

With network manager, I can go from wired to wireless, and it manages
the changeover.  I can plug and unplug the wired ethernet and it manages
to bring the interface up and down automatically, whether or not
wireless is involved.

Without it, I have to manually bring interfaces up and down as needed.
If I plug my ethernet cable into a network, and do nothing, nothing
happens.  It doesn't ask the DHCP server for an address, it doesn't get
given information needed to join the network.

The fact that it works in some cases means it's ready to be released on that basis. However, it's very far from being a finished work.

I was on holiday in Melbourne recently, visiting daughters. One has wireless, and for me at that time nm worked moderately well, because my usage patten then coincided with what nm can do now.

Back at home, I've had to turn it off.



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