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Fedora Users!

Dear FEDORA Users,

This is Jyotishmaan. I would like to know a few things from you:-

1) In a LDAP configuration, once the files are imported, the users are shown in the GUI of the LINUX, fedora operating system.

2) But in my case, after i imported the user-"xyz" in the LDAP server, LINUX Fedora operating system, is not showing up the user-"xyz" in the GUI.

3) May i know why it is happening so.

For your information, i have changed the slapd.conf file and  /etc/ldap.conf files.

After configuring the LDAP server, i have  run the  command-


Now please tell me, how much time the FEDORA linux takes in order to learn the fact that new users haev been imported to the LDAP server ?

i have tried atleast 20 times by restarting/shutdown of the system to make it appear on the GUI ?

But it is not appearing ?

Please through lights on this.

With Thanks and Regards,
Jyotishmaan Ray
Moderator Of Paradise Groups

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