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F8 Install - partition table unreadable


I'm trying to install Fedora 8 on a T42 thinkpad which is currently running FC6. I have a separate partition for /home which contains all of my data that needs to be preserved.

After selecting the keyboard type the installer pops up a window saying "The partition table on device sda was unreadable. To create new partitions it must be initialized, causing the loss of ALL DATA on this drive". Well, I obviously don't want that, so I say no, and then I have no drives to install to on the next screen.

Running fdisk -l /dev/sda in the shell on virtual console 2 shows partition information - but I've just noticed that the information appears to be wrong:

Under Core 6: Drive is 60GB, 7296 cylinders
Under F8: Drive is 56.4GB, 6859 cylinders

The partitions look the same, but under F8 my last partition appears to hang off the end of the disk (as it ends on cylinder 7296).


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