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Re: DHCP server package

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> It would be nice, but
> it would also be nice, now that CD support has been dropped in favor of
> DVD-only, to realize the most current DVD hardware supports D/L and an
> 8.3GB DVD image could support everything, or more nearly so.
I can see a couple of problems with this. The first is the extra
bandwith of downloading an 8.3GB image. (I think this may be why the
current image does not fill a single layer DVD.) This could get to
be a problem for the mirrors hosting the images, as well as people
with limited bandwith or download limits. Another problem is the
cost of a DL DVD RW disk. While this would not be a problem for
people like me that host the image on a local server instead of
burning it to a DVD, but I can see it be a problem for some people.

I could see this type of image from places that ship Fedora DVDs.
The cost difference between a SL and DL DVD should not be that
great, especially compared to the shipping/handling charges.


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