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Re: OT: server equipment to choose

Strong wrote:
I have to project a web/db-server that should handle 1,000
simultaneous users. So, I would ask an advice on its hardware
configuration and software to use.

1. My guess is this 2 servers of the following configuration:

2 4-core xeon 5335 CPU with supermicro case + sopressmicro mb + 4x4Gb
RAM kingstone dual full buffered + 5È140Gb SCSI fujitsu HDD + SCSI
adaptec asr-3805 raid5 controller

organized together as a cluster.

2. OS I think to use last RHEL (or CentOS is good enough for this?)

I would expect no significant difference wrt performance between CentOS and RHEL of equivalent releases.

CentOS necessarily releases behind RH - it has to wait for the source, then build, then do its own QA.

OTOH if RH ever makes a serious blunder such that boxes don't boot, then one might expect CentOS to dodge that one:-)

Please share Your opinions on this specifications - whether it is
suitable for such a task?

Whether it's suitable depends on what the users are doing as much as how many there are. if you want help sizing, perhaps you should ask on the appropriate RHEL list and/or CentOS.

You haven't said what you expect to do; for me users Scientific Linux is better. Like CentOS it's built from RHEL source, but the target audience requires additional software packages.

Sorry for OT and thank You for Your answers.



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