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Re: FC8 how to get static IP working

Mike Wright wrote:
Rick Stevens wrote:

That's beside the point.  I meant that system-config-network and
anaconda set up "static" and THAT isn't documented.

Looks like an anaconda bug.

I just pulled system-config-network-1.4.3.src.rpm and found a jewel. In src/netconfpkg/NCDevice.py lines 308 and 309:

        if self.BootProto == "static":
            self.BootProto = "none"

So apparently the maintainers of system-config-network are aware that anaconda has introduced a bug. Question becomes: why put on a bandage in the network configurator instead of fixing the source of the problem?

Note also that any user scripts that follow the documentation will break.

I'll pull the anaconda sources and see if I can find where this is introduced.

...and following up on my offer:

Pulled anaconda- and found the source of this confusion. In loader2/net.c line 1421:

        fprintf(f, "BOOTPROTO=static\n");

Should be:

        fprintf(f, "BOOTPROTO=none\n");

Guess I'll have to learn bugzilla...

Side note: until a couple of years ago I always used "static". The docs changed my ways ;D

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