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Re: pulseaudio == disaster ??

Konstantin Svist wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
I just got my /home directory from F7 attached to this F8 computer so now I am using F8 100% of the time. I have been using the sound card audio and to be certain I can not hear anything sounding like pulseaudio. It sounds just like it did on F7.

   Right now I don't see any problem.

Karl, you're probably using GNOME or KDE as your window manager.
The OP's complaint was that pulseaudio doesn't work if you don't use one of those. Some users like to use a different graphical interface, or even disable GUI completely - i.e. work in text mode only (I've met a few people like that).
Thanks for your input, though.

Yes my comment to making pulseaudio require Gmone is just stupid. I can't find any man or other information here on F8 so I think it was a quick addition.


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	Linux User
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