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Re: looking for suggestions

On Tue, 13 Nov 2007, Craig White wrote:

Have Dell Optiplex 320 and 19" Dell FP analog display. Motherboard video
has ATI Embedded.

Display was OK on Fedora 7 (I tweaked it around a bit)

Upgraded to Fedora 8 - display looked weak, too bright, gamma way off,
fonts thin, ugly.

Switched to runlevel 3 and ran 'system-config-display --reconfig' and
set it up anew. Did a start X, logged in as root, still pretty bad.

Created a new local user, logged in as that user, still looked bad. Took
a screengrab (Ksnapshot) brought it over to my usual desktop, the
screengrab looks perfect on my screen.

Is it possible that the video display is affected by the kernel
parameters that I am passing at boot [pci=noacpi timesource=acpi_pm] ?

Suggestions anyone?

Most monitors have a menu button that allows you to adjust settings and the like. It may be that Fedora has set to something that is just not optimal for.

Check your monitor model number through Google and see what the true resolution for the monitor is and set the resolution to that value. You could be set to some setting that does not adjust well to the actual resolution of the monitor. (For example, my laptop is 1920x1200. If I set it below that it looks weird.)

You also might find the display panel and set it for "Generic LCD monitor" with the proper resolution for your display. It is possible that X is giving it bogus information thinking it is a tube type monitor.

Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction has to make sense.

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