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Re: FC8 how to get static IP working

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mike Wright wrote:

Side note:  until a couple of years ago I always used "static".  The
docs changed my ways ;D

Yes, the docs say none, but the ifup script defaults to none if it
does not recognize the specified protocol.

Yeah, it is really clear after crawling through it all.  It is not "static".

  The docs say "none"
  The scripts default to "none"
  The net-configger changes "static" to "none"

Isn't it funny how a one word mistake in the redhat installer has perpertrated this misconception for what, a decade now? And yet people persist/resist. (Gawd, that sounds like borg blather)

 (There again, I learned a
lot about how to configure things by reading the scripts...)

I think they're great teachers, too. As John Summerfield states in an earlier thread, that this is one of the first things he checks: is it a script? If so he starts reading.

Well, enough on this thread.

Thanks to Rick, Frank, Mikkel for your help and feedback.

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