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Re: FC8 how to get static IP working

Ed Greshko wrote:
Mike Wright wrote:

Hi Ed,

"static" is not a protocol.

It is in my ifcfg-eth0 file after a clean install....and I didn't put it there.

And you did not. Frustrating, isn't it? It was put there by the anaconda installer. I'm pretty certain that it is an error in the installer; however, the good news is that all the other scripts seem to be aware that it is a mistake and invisibly reset it to "none".

Fortunately, unless you are writing or using custom scripts that rely on the documentation, everything since that error have error checking that sets it back to what it should have been... everywhere, that is, _except_ in the network-scripts.

C'est la vie.

Gotta love open source.  We would not have known otherwise ;)

I'm curious where you got that information.  I've searched off and on
for years and never found that documented anywhere although I have seen
it used somewhat frequently and which may actually be a source of errors
in some scripts.  From:

The Official Red Hat Linux Reference Guide
Chapter 12. Network Scripts

BOOTPROTO=<protocol>, where <protocol> is one of the following:
     none — No boot-time protocol should be used.
     bootp — The BOOTP protocol should be used.
     dhcp — The DHCP protocol should be used.

Additionally, grepping for BOOTPROTO in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/*
finds no test for static.

Based on that I'd have to say BOOTPROTO=none is correct.

Mike Wright

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