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Re: NCFTP and IPV6.

John Summerfield wrote:

> CDC3200 running SCOPE. 0 disk. 6 (I think) 7-track tape, card reader,
> (IBM) card punch, paper tape. Shortly after, 3300 with MSOS, 3300 and
> 3500 with MASTER and 3600 with SCOPE.

I only worked on, as an engineer, on the 3300 running at brokerage sites in
NYC.  The online systems ran specialized OS, forgot name, back-end was
Master.  405 card readers, 415 card punch, 607 tape drives, 512 printers,
854 and 841 disk drives.

Worked on Cyber 8XX systems and then the Cyber 205 Super Computer followed
by the ETA-10 Liquid Nitrogen cooled Super Computer.

> Then IBM S360/{40,40,65} with {PCP,MFT-II, MFT-II} and someone else's
> pair of 64s with MVT.
> Did you know the 6600 was unclocked? CSIRO had one, I met one of the
> blokes who serviced it.

Maybe you met Lorrie Lee?  He was at CSIRO and they had a Cyber 205 as well.
 He came up to Taiwan to help me install the 205 at the Central Weather
Bureau.  Funny story about him and trying to get a wrench from the local

Never worked on the 6600.

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