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Re: any good UPS for a Fedora server

Bruno Wolff III wrote:
On Tue, Nov 13, 2007 at 20:56:29 -0800,
  "Ali, Saqib" <docbook xml gmail com> wrote:
I am looking for a UPS for a single Fedora server for a non-profit
org. Only one machine (HP DL360 G4) will be connected to the UPS. We
need about 2 hrs of run-time, with automatic shutdown capability, and
restart when the power comes back.

Any good APC UPS that has rpm for Fedora?

For that long of a time you may want to look into some sort of backup
generator. You can get ones that run off natural gas for a few thousand
dollars. (If you expect earthquakes, than getting one that runs on gas or
diesel would make more sense. Those are more of a pain to maintain, since
you have to worry about stabilizing the fuel.) That device could also supply
power for other things in the office. You would still want a UPS to smooth out
the cutover and help clean up the power during normal operation.

I would have thought that, in case of an earth quake, you'd want the power off so as to not cause more fires. If the power's down, probably the communications are down too, unless you're an emergency service.

But then we haven't had a significant quake here since September 1968, and when we did the epicentre was far from built-up areas. What would I know?



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