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Re: any good UPS for a Fedora server

John Summerfield wrote:
> And he was on hand to adjudge it safe. I was thinking more of when
> buildings fall over (as happened in the quake I mentioned, but that was
> Tammin, quite a small place). At least one building in Perth did crack
> and the crack was visible from the street.
> If there's nobody on had to decide it's safe, I would rather no volts.
> B'sides, if there's serious building damage, who cares about the average
> server?
Unless your wiring standards are a lot different them what I am used
to, anything that causes that much damage is also going to stop
power from getting very far from the generator. Depending on the
damage, it may also prevent the generator from starting in the first
place. Remember, there needs to be a signal from the transfer switch
to the generator before the generator auto-starts. It is also
standard on auto-start generators to have a selector switch that
will prevent auto-starting, as well as allowing manual starting.
(On-Off-Auto selector switch.) This is necessary so that you can
safely service the generator, as well as prevent the generator from
starting. Another feature is that there is a disconnect and over
current protection on the generator itself. It is still not without
risk, but it is an acceptable level. After all, the battery leads
going to the UPS when using external batteries is a bigger danger,
unless you put a fuse at the battery. At the currents involved when
you short the battery output, a breaker is not a practical option.
DC current at that level tends to weld contacts, or cause breakers
to self-destruct.


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