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Re: Need mount.smbfs or smbmount in Fedora 7 - how?

Chris G wrote:
> No, this isn't the question answered in the FAQ.
> I have a Samba share device on my network that doesn't work with
> mount.cifs, it returns "mount error 20 = Not a directory".  This is a
> know issue with old Samba devices, mount.cifs doesn't work with them.
> I have tried smbmount from my old Slackware system (which lives in the
> garage as a backup system) and it can mount the share OK, so that and
> a Google search confirms that this really is an incompatibility
> between mount.cifs and the Samba device.
> (Oh, and mount.cifs works from this system to other Samba shares, so I
> do have a working mount.cifs)
> So how do I set about getting a mount.smbfs on Fedora 7?
You may need the ip=www.xxx.yyy.zzz and servern=<server> options.

mount -t cifs //mikkel/Backup /mnt/temp/ -o

works for me, but mikkel in in /etc/hosts. (replacing foo and bar
with a real user and password.)


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