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Re: video turns off just when os starts services when booting F8 after fresh install

Tim wrote:
> Tim:
>>> you could try using CTRL ALT and the + or - keys on the number pad to
>>> change resolutions (something I can't do, as my laptop doesn't have a
>>> numberpad).
> Mikkel L. Ellertson:
>> Have you tried Ctrl-Alt-Fn-; (+) or Ctrl-Alt-Fn-P (Or what ever key
>> is the number pad + and - on your keyboard.) It depends on how the
>> keyboard is decoded, but it should produce the proper scan codes.
> I have now, and it's not doing anything.  But then it might be that my X
> is set up with just one screen resolution mode.  I'm not keen on
> stuffing around the configuration to check, but I've just plugged an
> ordinary USB keyboard in, and CTRL ALT + or - don't do anything on it.
Yes, that would cause it not to work - it only cycles through the
configured resolutions, and only the ones with the same color depth
as you are currently running. So if you are running 32 bit color, it
will not cycle through the 16 bit color resolutions. (Or at least it
didn't the last time I checked - they may have added the ability to
change color depth when I wasn't looking.)


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