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Re: Thunderbird

Steven Stern wrote:
Karl Larsen wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:
Albert Graham wrote:

It seems you are correct, this future (menu option called "messages") has been removed in Thunderbird 2.x - what a shame :(

Sounds like someone is jumping to conclusions. I'm using the current official Fedora 8 thunderbird update, and was previously using the stock Fedora 8 thunderbird. Prior to that I used thunderbird 2.x on Fedora 7.

The "View->Messages" submenu on the main window's pulldown menus has been there in every single release as I use it all the time. As mentioned in a previous mail in this thread, it is the main thunderbird screen that must be used, not the message composition window.

Of course and I have got the view-messages working by configuring the the main panel to have Get Mail instead of just plain Mail. This caused view-messages to be available. But this is NOT the problem. The problem is that I only want to view only 5 total messages in any main window. I do not know how to do this.

If you mess around with the size of the sub-panes, you can see only the 5 most recent unread messages. (I use the class view with message pane enabled.)
THANK YOU! It was the message pane I was missing. God how stupid of me. I thought something really bad had happened but it was just that somehow I had un-clicked message pane by accident.

Now it is back in good shape.


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