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Re: F8 Installation hangs on Dell Latitude D810

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Tony Molloy wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm installing F8 on a Dell Latitude D810 with BIOS A04 using boot.iso. The 
> install hangs during the initial boot at the following
> running install...
> running /sbin/loader
> I used the same boot.iso to install onto an old test Dell Latitude D600 
> without problems so that's ok.
> Anybody know the magic incantation to get the initial boot working.
> Thanks,
> Tony.
> PS. The same happens when i try and boot from a USB stick

I had the same issue. You have one of two options:

1. Load the install image via the grub menu (install-from-harddisk option)
2. Use the kernel parameters

Actually using the kernel parameters are the easiest way out (though i
did learn how to do the installation via the first mode too =D)

Option 1 (works only if you already have a grub installed)

1. Download the Fedora dvd iso onto your hard disk / flash drive
2. Extract the isolinux/* directory onto the same disk.
3. At the grub screen type 'c' and enter the shell prompt.
4. Now switch the root to the drive / partition holding your images
	> root(hdx,y)
	> vmlinuz /isolinux/vmlinuz..
	> initrd /isolinux/initrd...
	> boot
If you are unsure of the values, just use tab to get the auto completion.
5. From here, you can follow the instructions on the screen with regards
to locating the iso image and then proceed to install.

Option 2
(I felt like an idiot when i figured this out, given that i spent three
days downloading F8 and then three days figuring out why my install was
borked, till I went with option 1!)
At the install/upgrade screen just hit tab and add the parameter
	> vmlinuz ..... nohz=off nolapic

hope that helps you out.


p.s.: I am writing everything above just based of my head, so there
could be a few inaccuracies within the above steps. Please bear with me =D
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