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Re: Thunderbird- Solved

Richard England wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:
Albert Graham wrote:

It seems you are correct, this future (menu option called "messages") has been removed in Thunderbird 2.x - what a shame :(

Sounds like someone is jumping to conclusions. I'm using the current official Fedora 8 thunderbird update, and was previously using the stock Fedora 8 thunderbird. Prior to that I used thunderbird 2.x on Fedora 7.

The "View->Messages" submenu on the main window's pulldown menus has been there in every single release as I use it all the time. As mentioned in a previous mail in this thread, it is the main thunderbird screen that must be used, not the message composition window.

I'm looking at the pull downs in the top bar where I see ...Edit View Insert.... in the main or home Thunderbird window and under View I see only the following items with "Message" in their titles: Message Body as
   Message Source
   Message Security Info

This is the same using Thunderbird (20070727) on F7 Moonshine and Thunderbird (20071115) on F8 Werewolf

I do not see a "Messages"  menu item.

Is it possible that there is a customization that is making this visible or invisible?


This whole Thunderbird issue started by me was due to my ignorance of the fact that somehow I had unchecked View -> Layout -> Message Pane F8 not knowing this allows you to move windows around in TB. My main problem was this. All the other things are not needed. I plan to turn off all the things I turned on.

There is a real lack of documentation on TB. They have a FAQ that is too basic, and then some writing where you modify long strings of letters and numbers in the configuration file. There is no nice rundown on what each thing on the tool bar does.

In my case I didn't know what Message Pane F8 did and had to be told by a guy on this list :-)


	Karl F. Larsen, AKA K5DI
	Linux User
	#450462   http://counter.li.org.

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