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Re: Thunderbird

Kenny Gow wrote:
Richard England wrote:
I'm looking at the pull downs in the top bar where I see ...Edit View Insert.... in the main or home Thunderbird window and under View I see only the following items with "Message" in their titles: Message Body as
   Message Source
   Message Security Info

This is the same using Thunderbird (20070727) on F7 Moonshine and Thunderbird (20071115) on F8 Werewolf

I do not see a "Messages"  menu item.

Is it possible that there is a customization that is making this visible or invisible?

It wasn't visible for me either until I dragged and dropped the Mail Views widget on the Toolbar using the Customize Toolbars feature.

I found this in the Thunderbird 2 release notes/Known Issues:

> The mail views toolbar button is no longer a default toolbar button. Users of this feature must add it back to their default toolbar in the mail 3-pane window: View / Toolbars / Customize.

From my testing, putting the Mail Views dropdown button on the toolbar makes the View->Messages menu item appear. Removing it makes the menu item disappear.


Ah...thank you Kenny.|9  both act the same.


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