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Re: a way to correct a corrupt F8 iso file ?

hicham wrote:
 I've downloaded a F8 dvd iso file, but after cheking the sha1sum, it
gives me the wrong series of letters and numbers :(
I was wondering if there is a tool that correct the iso file without
having to download everything from scratch

Find an rsync mirror.

Do not use --checksum, the host will be upset with you. The time I needed to do it (and the time I was told not to --checksum), rsync wasn't doing anything, I think because the local time and size matched. What eventually worked was copying the image with dd, using blocksize and count to copy 1k less than the actual size. I then used rsync to update that and it was all over almost instantly.

I don't understand _how_ it did it, but I _know_ it's magic.



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