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Re: time-sensitive wallpaper

Frank Cox wrote:
> When you first set up a new user account on F8 you get this rather
> cool effect of time-sensitive wallpaper that darkens as it gets
> later in the day.
> After changing the wallpaper to something else, how can you set it
> back to use that time-sensitive wallpaper again?

I'm guessing that just browsing and selecting the infinity image
doesn't work, right?  In the default install, the wallpaper is set to
an xml file that controls the color changing.  The xml file is
/usr/share/backgrounds/infinity/infinity.xml.  If the GUI doesn't
allow you to set that file as the background directly, you may be able
to set it in gconf (using the GUI editor or the command line tool).
The key to edit is /desktop/gnome/background/picture_filename.

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