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Re: Dual layer dvd burning

Ok thx.
I just asked a friend who has a dual layer dvd-burner.
it takes about 40 - 45 minutes to burn 8.4 GB of data. (on windows, but i guess linux can do only better ^^ )
thx for the response ;)

2007/11/19, Ed Greshko <Ed Greshko greshko com>:
Mike Morraye wrote:
This is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.  And now you know why.
> Dear List,
> I would like to buy a Dual layer burner so i can burn my data. ( with k3b)
> But i read a lot about the slow burning process.
> How long would it take to burn a 8GB  @ 8x speed on a dual layer dvd?
> Thx in advance. ( I dont like spending my money to the wrong stuff )

About the same amount of time it would take to burn 2 4.7GB Single layer
DVDs at 8x speed.

I don't know what you mean about spending money on the "wrong stuff" but the
thing is the more data you burn the longer it will take.

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