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Re: [Fedora] Layer 7 Load Balancer

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
My problem : I have two mails servers and I want to distribute incoming mails to a server depending of the domain (e.g. somebody domain1 com to server1 and somebody domain2 com to server2)
Reading your other messages, you seem to indicate that there's one public IP that both domains are pointed to, and redirecting would have to happen after that initial hop.

This is probably not what you want, however the way I handle stuff like that is through MIMEDefang (which also gives me the benefit of being a mail scanner at the same time.)

I host several dozen domains on our network and a large majority of them come in through 1 MX (1 IP). That MX will then redirect the message based on the domain name, by sending it to one of 3 other servers behind it, depending on which server the final recipient is on. MIMEDefang's filter is written in perl, so it's rather easy to work with.

   -- A

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