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Re: Layer 7 Load Balancer

Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
No, in the company we only have one ADSL line, so one fixed ip address. Can you tell me more about a mail gateway solution ?

Mark Haney a écrit :
Luc MAIGNAN wrote:
No, because the MX of the two domains points to the same IP (services are dispatched behind this IP)

Mark Haney a écrit :

Uh, why? Is there some reason DNS won't do what you need? With 2 separate domains, just point your MX record to the correct server.

Or am I missing something obvious here?

Can you add a second IP to the mix? I mean doing something like a L7 load balancer seems a bit overkill for this. Or, how about a mail gateway that routes accordingly?

Okay, first things first, please don't top post, I can't keep track of the thread that way.

As for a mail gateway, you really should have one mail server on the front that takes all incoming mail for both domains and then forwards those mails to 2 other servers based on the domain name. It's a fairly common practice.

I've setup similar systems using MIMEDefang as one way to route after the mail gets to the gateway server, or using DNS on the gateway server to route those domains after receipt.

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