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Re: reboot loop after power failure

The mainboard caused the problem. I reseted the CMOS and it worked just fine. Thanks for all your replies.

Cheers, Jan

On Nov 14, 2007 7:44 PM, Mikkel L. Ellertson < mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
John wrote:
> Jan Welker wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> Yesterday evening I had a power outage in my office. My workstation
>> lost power. After the power was back I tried to start it again. The
>> result was a reboot loop.
>> If I switch it on I get no screen, no beep. The fans and the disks are
>> spinning (normal start up sounds). After 5 seconds it switches off and
>> does the same again. It is for sure a hardware problem.
>> Any idea what component is broken (motherboard, power supply or RAM)?
>> Thanks,
>> Jan
> I have seen similar behavior, and it almost always means that the power
> supply has failed.
I second this - with no POST beep at all, the CPU is not starting.
From the sounds of things, you are getting the some power for the
drive, but with the drive spinning up, and then back down again, you
may not be getting the proper power to either spin it up to full
speed, or to run the electronics. It is also possible that you have
a fried drive as well as your other problems.

If at all possible, take the system apart and test each part
separately. I would not be surprised if there was a power surge just
before the power went out, or as it came back on. It is possible
that this surge managed to damage more then one part of the system.
A power supply dieing because of a surge may spike one or more
outputs - it is not supposed to happen, but you never know. There
power supplies used to come with a built in surge suppressor, but
they seem to be rare now days in any but the high-end supplies.


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