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Re: OT: Computer's electrical outlet

Dotan Cohen wrote:
On 15/11/2007, Mikkel L. Ellertson <mikkel infinity-ltd com> wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:

The things I would expect to cause problems are
the microwave and the refrigerator. They both tend to have fairly
high startup loads. This is known to cause a voltage drop. The
extent of the drop depends on the wiring. also, depending on the
type of fuse used, the spike may blow the fuse. Time delay fuses
handle it best, fast blow fuses handle it the worst. I suspect that
you have a time delay type fuse.

I don't think that it's a time delay fuse because I recently did
something stupid, and it tripped right away. I've never heard of a
time delay fuse, but it sounds rather dangerous.

Dotan Cohen

There fuses things called "Slow blow" for handling items and equipment that uses a lot of current for a short time. These fuses will allow a surge current to pass before they blow but a steady state current just over there limit will cause them to blow. A current that is high enough will cause the fuse to blow just as fast.

I have used "Slow Blow" when trying to find a problem that would blow a fuse at power on.

I have never really looked at the type of fuses in a mains plug before.

Robin Laing

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