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Re: OT: are usb flash drives suitable archival media?

Dave Stevens wrote:
your thought? tests? reviews?

I don't like USB drives for backup (not quite the same, I know) because their contents are too easily lost by sloppy handling, system errors or just plain confusion.

I lost the contents of one a while ago, the partition table got lost. I've no idea how, but it happened I had another, identical, so I copied the first sector, very carefully indeed, with dd from the good one to the crook one.

Another question you need to ask is "How long do I want this?" If you say, "20 years," then think back to popular backup media from 20 years ago.

VHS tape?

I have some open-reel 9-track tapes from 30 years ago. I don't know whether they're readable, nor that anyone has a drive capable of reading them.

In the early 80s, I had two NEC APCs, one had a 10 Mbyte hard disk. They used 8" floppies. Seen an 8" floppy disk drive recently? Before that, I had assorted 5.25" drives with capacity from 90k to 800k. I don't think I have a drive for 5.25" disks of any capacity, though I have some disks,

I also have some orphaned MO disks.

Clay tablets are the great survivors.



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