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Re: Filesystems Not Mounting

Tim wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 19:00 -0500, Gene Poole wrote:
>> Here is the real fstab:
<-----------------------[ SNIP ]----------------->
> I wonder if it's an ordering issue?  To mount something onto the tree
> at /usr/something, /usr/ has to be already mounted, beforehand.
> You have /usr/ quite a fair way down into the fstab file.  I don't know
> whether it parses it sequentially, or goes through the whole thing
> before mounting what's listed in it, in the order necessary to do all
> the mounts.  I thought it did parse it sequentially, and my mtab is in
> the same order as my fstab (mtab reflects what has been mounted).
> Try moving all the system mount points up above all your extra ones.
> Though, that doesn't account for your DATA volume group issues.
I can not find where it is specifically stated, but it is implied in
the -a and -F options that the /etc/fstab is processed from the top
down, and I can remember reading it somewhere. So if you try to
mount /usr/tomcat before /usr you are going to run into problems.
You will either have a problem of the mount point missing, or
running into problems of mounting a file system over the mount
point. I know you can hide an existing directory tree, but I have
never tested what happens if you are hiding mount points. (Does it
generate an error with mounting /usr, or does /usr/tomcat become


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