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Re: bcm4318 - Can It Work with Newer Kernels?

Maybe this link will be useful for you:
I have bcm4312 and it works perfect with bc43 on F8 ( without ndiswrapper.


On 21/11/2007, Kelly Miller <lightsolphoenix gmail com > wrote:
Rick Bilonick wrote:
> I'm running F6 (2.6.20-1.2962.fc6 kernel) and the bcm4318 works
> perfectly with ndiswrapper using networkmanager or neat (works with wep
> and wpa). It's stable and fast. With any newer kernel I need to use the
> rev. 4 firmware. I finally found this firmware and used fwcutter to
> extract and install it in /lib/firmware. It ALMOST works. NetworkManager
> starts and tries to connect (dmesg shows that the radio is on and the
> driver is loaded) but never connects. Worse it ALWAYS locks up the
> system (can't even get to a console or open a terminal shell) and I have
> to do a hard reboot. I'm running on a Dell Inspiron 2200 that has the
> 4318 built in. I'm not sure why newer kernels would necessarily screw up
> a working wireless card. Is there some way to use the older driver with
> ndiswrapper and the newer kernels? I have not been able to get
> ndiswrapper to work with this card and the newer kernels. I need to fix
> this before I can consider moving to F8.
> Any suggestions on getting this to work would be appreciated. Any
> suggestions for a wireless pccard would also be appreciated.
> Rick B.
Blacklist the bcm43xx driver and then you can simply use ndiswrapper in
the usual way.

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