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Re: Audacity 1.3.4-beta for testers

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On 20/11/2007, stan <goedigi89__e cox net> wrote:
I then installed using rpm -Uvh audacity-1.3.4-0.2.beta.fc7.i386.rpm
and rpm -Uvh audacity-debuginfo-1.3.4-0.2.beta.fc7.i386.rpm

They both installed
]$ rpm -qa | grep -i audacity

Unfortunately, they still had the problem.  I couldn't play ogg, wav or
mp3 files.

"Couldn't play" or "couldn't load"? For mp3 decoding you would need to
build "--with mp3" as you need libmad-devel which is not included with
Fedora. Loading ogg and wav works here.

They loaded, but wouldn't play. The same error I get when running the versions from audacity.sourceforge.net. The dialog comes up saying to check the sound card and rate. I ran the rpmbuild --rebuild command on the src.rpm I downloaded. I made no changes. It is possible it found an mp3 library of some sort and included it without my intervention.
Incidentally, even though the packages for audacity say 1.3.2, they are

# yum list all | grep -i audacity
audacity.i386                            1.3.4-0.2.beta.fc7
audacity-debuginfo.i386                  1.3.4-0.2.beta.fc7
audacity.i386                            1.3.2-14.fc7
audacity-debuginfo.i386                  1.3.2-14.fc7
audacity-nonfree.i386                    1.3.2-0.6.beta.lvn7    livna

No, the list is correct. Notice the right column (which you get when
you run that command) where it says "installed". Where it says
"fedora" or "livna", it refers to an uninstalled pkg in the

No, that isn't true. I actually installed them and checked the help, about for them.
They are 1.3.4-beta.  And they don't work just like the downloads from

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