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Re: Can Java just shoot me?

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Aaron Konstam wrote:
> On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 22:14 -0500, David Boles wrote:
> Tom Horsley wrote:
>>>> On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 21:52:20 -0500
>>>> David Boles <dgboles gmail com> wrote:
>>>>> Duh? This took about 10 seconds.
>>>>> Start here. Follow the prompts. Either one goes to the same page.
>>>>> http://tinyurl.com/29ktre
>>>>> https://sdlc4e.sun.com/ECom/EComActionServlet;jsessionid=60B8217CD6937C7D378EAE0D0B30D57A
>>>> Yea, it takes about 10 seconds starting from that page, but how
>>>> do you know how to find that page starting from java.sun.com?
>>>> There are 15,000 potential paths to follow with no roadsigns :-).
>>>> For that matter, how do I know I need a jre rather than a jdk
>>>> (I've seen both tossed around on web pages about installing
>>>> java).
> Okay. Here ya go.
> You time *yourself*.
> Start here:
> http://www.sun.com/
> Look for 'Downloads' in the menu in the top of the menu. Hightlight
> (mouse over)
> Look at the drop down window and 'see Java JE' (that is what you are
> looking for right?) click
>> One has to be careful when you are implying that someone is saying
>> something less than bright, There is no Java JE under the Download menu.
>> It says Java SE. Which is ok, you are allowed to make a typo but one has
>> to be more careful in this context.
> See "Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 Update 3" (means JRE version 6
> update 3) Click)
> The Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE) allows end-users to run Java
> applications"  (that is what you want?) click on download
> TaDa  The link I gave you first.
> How long?
> No one minds helping. But it helps you if you *try* before you *fail*
> and ask for help.

The JE was a typo on my account. SE stands for Standard Edition. What he
is looking for is the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Which is on the
page that links from the menu. It was obvious that he had no clue about
what he was doing  (later self confirmed) and that he did not want to do
this (later self confirmed). It was the attitude that got me. The 'I
can't do this. It's too hard. So it must be *their* fault' that got to
me. I deal with people like that sometimes at work. Second time I fire them.

Now reread the last sentence. It starts with "No one minds...
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