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Re: 3-D graphing software?

Emanuel Machado wrote:
On 21/11/2007 Dotan Cohen [mailto:dotancohen gmail com] wrote:
On 20/11/2007, Dean S. Messing <deanm sharplabs com> wrote:
Go to <http://www.scilab.org/> for more information.


Thanks, I'll look into Scilab. I'm beginning to realize that I may
need one of these 'programming languages' solutions instead of a GUI
program such as Kalgebra.

Dotan Cohen

If you're going back to a 'programming languages' solution, you could also
take a look at root (http://root.cern.ch), which has been providing event
handling, statistics and graphing for the High Energy Physics community (it
can actually do a lot more than that). It works as a C++ interactive
interpreter but you can also compile your code with your favorite (well...)
compiler. It is also multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac). It has a bit of a
learning curve, but once you're done you got even better at C++, not some
proprietary language.


and while you're at it, you should look up Scientific linux, a RHEL clone, with extras for the scientific community. I think Cern's a user.



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