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Re: How to open a db file -- was: Need to know

On Wed, 21 Nov 2007 19:44:03 -0600
Scott Berry <sberry northlc com> wrote:

> I don't appreciate the way you treated my Dad.  This was uncalled for. 

To the contrary, Scott.  You (and he) should be thanking me and the other
people on this mailing list for volunteering our time, knowledge and our
respective expertise to assist each other (and you and him) with issues
surrounding Linux.

> He is 75 years old and learning computers. 

That's nice.  Good for him!  Now, he knows a little more about computers (in
particular, mailing lists) than he did before:  Use a descriptive subject line,
and ask questions that contain enough detail that someone else can give you an
answer other than "give more detail".

>  Come on can't you be a little more  friendlier?

I answered his question as best I could using the information that he gave me.
What program created his db file?  There are, as you can see, lots of
possibilities, and after he tells us that we can then give him further advice.

The general advice I provided about using a descriptive subject line was
because I have seen many posts from him with the subject of "help", "nice" and
the like, which provide no context for the message thread that he's attempting
to start at all.

If he is just now "learning computers" as you say, then I have given him good
advice and he would be well to follow it in the future.  It will make things
much easier in the future for everyone who subscribes to this mailing list and
makes the posts here more useful and easier to sort and deal with for anyone who
is researching posts on it through the archives in the future.

Now, that's neither unfriendly or uncalled for.  Accordingly, you should now
apologize to me for YOUR uncalled for remarks.

Yes, I mean that.  And I'm waiting.

MELVILLE THEATRE ~ Melville Sask ~ http://www.melvilletheatre.com

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