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Re: How to open a db file -- was: Need to know

With a file of unknown type and origin you get the opportunity to be a detective. Although I don't know of an absolutely conclusive way to determine the origin of the file there are three things I would do in this situation.

1) Do a Google search on the file extension (.db in this case). Someone else on the list apparently did that and got a long list of possibilities.

2) Open an xterm window and use the "file" command on the file. For example if the file name is 'data.db' simply type 'file data.db'. The file command will "look" at a few bytes in the file and try to recognize what type of a file it is.

3) Use 'hexdump' on the file. This will allow you to see the bytes in the file and hopefully gleen some useful information. Again open an xterm and type: 'hexdump -C data.db | less'. This will give you a screen full of what usually looks like garbage. Use the space bar to get to the next screen or the up/down arrows to move up and down a line at a time. The potentially useful stuff is at the right side of the display. With some file types you can actually see what application created the file and/or make some sense about what the file contains.

Hope that helps.

-- Mike

On Thu, 22 Nov 2007, Art Giles wrote:

Hi do not know it was sent to me to look at a manual. By a friend.
Art (Dad)

Hi how do you open a db file

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