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Re: PUP - Insert CD?

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Bob Goodwin writes:

I just booted the F8 computer, it immediately displayed the PUP screen and after being told to do the update shows as above plus a large "Insert CD" error message which does contain "Repository Manager!" I somehow missed that ...

Clicking on that tells me it is stymied by "InstallMedia Fedora8." Clicking on "Add" brings up a form requesting information that requires a "new repository." I could research that further but the GUI looses its element of convenience at that point.

Did you, perhaps, notice that prominent checkmark next to the "InstallMedia Fedora8" entry, and did you try experimenting what happens when you turn it off?

Yes I did and no I did not turn it off, should I? I assumed it was telling me I needed to add something and would get in deeper by simply unselecting what it was telling me it thought I needed.

I can experiment further but it appeared to be something that needed fixing.

I've done PUP updates many times on this F7 computer without a hitch, it usually just works. I was surprise to see the error message which I interpreted to mean something was/is wrong.

Bob Goodwin

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