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Re: DHCP lease list

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Antonio wrote:
> As the laptop has also a wireless card I use Network Manager: how do I
> pass the name of the card to Network manager??? Maybe I am wrong, but
> in F7 I got the name on the leases.
> Maybe it was F6??? :-)
> Tnx for help

If it worked in F7 with NetworkManager but not in F8 then I'd suggest
looking at the changelogs for NM in case there's something obvious there.

Then, if the systems really are configured the same consider filing a
bug against NetworkManger.

I use NM on my laptop machines but to be honest, I've never looked to
see if it sends the hostname in DHCP requests.

Out of curiousity, do you have the system hostname (set via the hostname
command or in /etc/sysconfig/network) set to the same name you want to
use as the dhcp hostname? I'm just wondering if NM grabs it from there
by default.

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