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Re: Codeina: Intriguing idea, but...

Bryn M. Reeves wrote:
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Bryn M. Reeves wrote:
working, legal set of codecs to use on Fedora (although I did notice the
current fluendo codecs need a bunch of textrels.. grr!).



I followed the link and I was intrigued by the one comment.

We are working on this problem, but due to relying on some proprietary 3rd party software we are a bit stuck atm, but we will update the plugins with a fix for this as soon as possible,

Isn't this the issue that keeps coming up? Closed source issues causing headaches. Now if I remember correctly, anything closed source was not being supported by Fedora if you submitted a bug report. Example, Nvidia drivers.

But into the Codina issue. I want codecs for the applications that I use and those are VLC and mplayer/mencoder. So Codecs that are for any and all applications on my system that I want to install.

Robin Laing

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