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Re: Fedora 8: Where is the rescuecd.iso ??

William Case wrote:
> Hi;
> A dumb question, I know.  But ...
> I have always installed Fedora using the askmethod from my harddisk.
> I have always started the installation boot with a rescuecd. (I don't
> need a live disk, but having a rescue disk around is always reassuring.)
> I (double-) checked the BitTorrent download page and can see the
> Fedora-8-dvd-x86_64.torrent which is what I want.  But I can't find the
> new rescuecd.iso. Where is it?  Or, is it automagically downloaded?  Or,
> do I use the F7 rescuecd I already have?
It was part of the torrent package for the i386
 version, so I would expect it is also part of the 64 bit package as
well. In any case, you can loop mount the DVD .iso image, and grab
the diskboot.img and install after booting from that.


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