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Re: Codeina: Intriguing idea, but...

David Boles wrote:
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Robin Laing wrote:
Bryn M. Reeves wrote:

I followed the link and I was intrigued by the one comment.

We are working on this problem, but due to relying on some proprietary
3rd party software we are a bit stuck atm, but we will update the
plugins with a fix for this as soon as possible,

Isn't this the issue that keeps coming up?  Closed source issues causing
headaches.  Now if I remember correctly, anything closed source was not
being supported by Fedora if you submitted a bug report.  Example,
Nvidia drivers.

But into the Codina issue.  I want codecs for the applications that I
use and those are VLC and mplayer/mencoder.  So Codecs that are for any
and all applications on my system that I want to install.

This subject has been discussed to death I would think.

Fedora has said that they are not, can not, and why, provide these codecs.

Fedora can't distribute the open source codecs because of software patent and DMCA restrictions which apply to them because Fedora is suppored by a US based company.

You *really, really need* these codecs? Then make the effort to find
them. Then steal them. Then make the effort to install them.

There's no stealing involved. There are free open implementations of many of these codecs (for example the ones hosted at livna). The problem is that some of the methods used in them violate software patents held in the US. There are no copyright problems as the free implementations are written from scratch.

The only way that you are going to get someone to *hand* them to you,
legally, is if you hand them *money* first.

*If* you live in the US. Pretty much everywhere else in the world there is curently no legal problem with using the free codecs (for now at least).

You buy? You're legal.

*In the US*.  Otherwise you're legal whether you buy or not.

You steal? You're a thief. Seems like a simple
enough concept to me.

Even more simple than you're making out actually.

I really get tired of seeing this same thing hashed over and over.



PS I have a sneaking feeling I've just been trolled...

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