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Fonts (Firefox/Windows & Firefox/Linux)

Hello guys,

I enabled subpixel-hinting by:

1) installing the freetype-freeworld package
2) configuring it KDE wise (KDE Control Center)
3) configuring it GNome wise (gnome-control-center)
4) configuring it in Firefox (about:config)

I got everything (KDE and Gnome) set to 96 dpi and I installed the MS core 
fonts. However, I still can't make certain pages look like they do in 
Windows.  Here are some screenshots of the same page in Windows (with 
Cleartype enabled) and Linux.

how it looks on Windows:

Firefox setting on Windows:


how it looks on Linux:

Firefox settings on Linux:

Please notice the fonts at the left side how bad they look on the Linux shot. 
How can I make them look like on Windows? Any help will be appreciated!


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