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ath0/eth0 setup


my bad for posting this, as i had it working awhile ago, and i can't find my

I have a system with a wire/wireless connection (eth0/ath0).

the ath0 is used to connect the rest of my network, via wireless. ath0 is
set to be as the subnet of the network is 1.x.

the etho is set to be a separate sub, and i can ping both ath0/eth0 from the

  ping (ath0) works,
  ping (eth0) works,
if i'm on the same system.

if i try to ping the ath0/eth0 from another box in my system, i have an

  from sys2 - ping (ath0) works,
  from sys2 - ping (eth0) doesn't work

sys2 is on the 1.x subnet.

so... i'm trying to figure out what i need to do to allow this to occur. i'm
pretty sure that there's some iptables/route cmd that i can implement to get
this to work, but i'm not sure what...

i've tried various takes on iptables, but haven't quite got it right!!


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