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Re: Wanna give me a hand debunking this?

Todd Zullinger wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
The fact that they don't provides that answer more clearly than
anything else could.

It's a Saturday afternoon on a holiday weekend.  And you posed a
question deep in an unrelated thread, on a list not at all dedicated
to the infrastructure you are curious about.

Anyone who knows is free to chime in here.

If you seriously take a lack of an immediate answer from an
@redhat.com address as proof of anything, I'd suggest that your
standards of proof leave a lot to be desired.

There's nothing 'immediate' about this issue. In years on this list I've never seen any interest in anything but getting free testing and bugzilla reports even mentioned in regards to official Red Hat developers. You can draw whatever conclusion you want from that. Mine is that they aren't users themselves and they aren't participating in the user community.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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