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F7 & F8 sound problems

My problems are summarised in two bug reports:

system-config-soundcard plays nothing at all, and speaker-test plays on only one speaker.  About a month before F8 came out, sound would work intermittently.  With F8, I haven't gotten it to work at all.  I've uninstalled all the pulse-audio RPMs and their remnants just to simplify this.  The bugzilla ticket I filed hasn't seen much action that I've seen.

How do I get sound to work on this machine properly?  My most recent attempt was to compile and install directly from the mercurial sources.  I don't see any changes in the behaviour of my machine when I did that.  I don't really understand ALSA or sound so my ability to debug this is limited, but I'm willing to try patches or debug builds if available.

For fun, check out all the sound bugs with Fedora 7 & 8, there are quite a few:


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